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Our AL location is specific to Great Danes, Mastiff Breeds, Dobermans, German Shepherds (GSD), Belgium Malinios, Great Pyrenees, St. Bernards, and Bulldogs. However, if the dog requires major medical treatment we will accept the dog regardless of breed. Our CA and Toronto locations are all breed but specialize in small breeds and dogs coming out of Mexico.  


The mission of Soldiers for Strays Rescue & Rehab is to not only help displaced Guardian and Bully Breeds find loving and safe homes, but to help displaced US Veterans with housing, employment, & stability so they may reenter and succeed in the civilian lifestyle. We also offer help and education with training, spay/neuter assistance, vaccinations, & veterinarian help to families in need so they may keep their dog's with them. We firmly believe any loving family should be able to keep their dog(s), coming into rescue is not always the answer.

Shopping via the links below makes additional donations to our amazing pups. 

Faith, pictured above went from a horrible life of abuse in Tijuana Mexico to a Fairytale ending in Switzerland. This 20# pup was beaten to the point she had no skin covering her legs or skull. She had broken bones and bruises covered her tiny body. Despite all Faith is a loving and like all dogs, forgiving soul. We were blessed to have her with us and she now lives the amazing and loving life every dog should have. 

Presley, our resident bait dog, from Tijuana Mexico on intake in the video to the left. Presley now in his new happy life here with us at Soldiers for Strays Rescue & Rehab. Your support of our rescue enables us to never turn dogs like Presley away. 

soldiers for strays rescue & rehab Birmingham AL location is an all breeds of mastiff rescue, bulldog rescue, great dane rescue, doberman rescue, German Shepherd Rescue, Belgium Malinois Rescue That helps displaced us veterans return to civilian life and succeed. our ca AND TORONTO locationS ARE an all breeds rescue.