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Please note the location of the animal you are interested in as we crosspost our adoptable dogs within our three locations. Our main location is located in the Birmingham AL area. Our second and third locations are in Los Angeles CA and Toronto Canada. There is only one email address for all three locations, Your email will be responded to within two hours between 8am and 8pm CST. All inquiries/questions/appointment request are answered via email only. A member of our staff will contact you via phone once you have been verified through the screening process. You must include a contact number or you will not get a response. Dogs from our CA location are available worldwide however, the adopter is responsible for the cost of transport, we will arrange it though. AL location dogs are available world wide however, you must come to AL to meet them and us to meet you. 

Our screening process for our AL location is as follows and is not negotiable.                                   

We require a letter of reference from a current or past veterinarian. It must state that your dogs were/are on heart worm prevention, flea prevention, and are altered and current with Rabies vaccination. It must also state that all medical treatments that have been needed were provided in a timely manner. It should be emailed to us either via your veterinarian's office or must be scanned and emailed to us. The letter must be on company letterhead with the veterinarians contact information. We require a video tour of your yard and home. A minimum 6' high fence is required for any dog under seven-years-old. A copy of your DL or Passport must be emailed along with the vets letter and your video.       

All dogs come microchipped, UTD on age appropriate vaccinations, spayed/neutered, HW- and on prevention. In the event they are HW+ we will cover the cost of all medical care related to treatment until such time the dog has two negative test results. We provide the daily medication for slow kill treatment. No dog shall be treated with surgery. They are on Frontline for flea prevention. They are housebroken, crate trained, walk nicely on a leash. They have completed basic obedience and some have received training past this. All dogs at the AL location over six-months-old have been with us a minimum of 30 days to insure their personality and make sure they have no behavioral issues. Puppies under six-months-old have been with us a minimum of 14 days to insure they are free from contagious disease.


Please read everything listed on this page prior to contacting us about the dog that you are interested in. We have answered every possible question. Clicking on the dogs adoption ad will list everything about that particular dog in addition to the information listed below. Everything required about screening, meeting, adopting, feeding, training, transport, and even vaccinations is listed below. 

In addition to training we manage our dogs within our homes, this is different from training our dogs. The below link is an example of how we manage our dogs within our homes on a daily basis. Every dog in our program is 100% comfortable being in a crate or x-pen when we are not working with them or playing with them. Crates & x-pens are not punishment tools, they are safety tools for not only your dog, but your home. Crates & x-pens prevent dogs separation anxiety when finding their forever homes as this is already familiar to them which makes them comfortable. When bringing your new family member home please maintain managing them as this will assure an easy transition and a happy and well mannered pup. Adopted dogs are sometimes failed by adopters because they want to bring them home, give them free range of their new home, and spoil them from the second they walk through the door. This may create behavior issues with some dogs that will require corrective training or the dog being brought back to us. If you are not comfortable & willing to initially crate your dog and following through with managing your dog, then our dogs are not for you. We never want to take a dog back as it is unfair to the dog however, if you maintain their management and training we will never have to do so. We do absolutely want you to spoil & love on your new pup, just realize that too much freedom, too fast, from mostly unknown backgrounds coming out of a very structured environment, may cause issues. 

​Our AL location is open Thursday - Sunday, between 2pm & 6pm. We are by appointment only and only after verification. Our CA and Toronto locations are foster based and meet and greets are set up by appointment only.  Adoption fee's are non-refundable and non-negotiable as they go to helping the next dog entering the program, not towards the dog you are adopting.  Aside from the cost associated with saving a puppy or dog such as vetting, transport, training, and housing, your adoption fee helps with a small part of helping our formally homeless Veterans.  We are a 501(c)(3) so your donation for your newly adopted animal is tax deductible. When adopting from our AL location we will go over all training with you and your new pup. Please plan on being here for a minimum of one hour, this is when we will train you to your new family member, go over our contract and answer any questions you may have. We are also available for the life of your dog should any behavior changes occur. We will happily work with the two of you to correct the issue at no charge. 

Vaccinations: We do titer testing on all dogs over 6 months of age prior to vaccinating them. The immunity for all vaccinations including Rabies is seven years therefore, if a dog still has immunity to a disease there is no reason to revaccinate him or her. Over vaccination is a major issue with dogs overall health. Our contract states all dogs are to be titer tested prior to revaccination or it voids our contract. The test are so common now that it cost  about the same as it is to vaccinate them, however the test will always show there is no need in annual vaccinations. Which in turn will save you more money because dogs that are not over-vaccinated have fewer health issues. Plus your dog will live longer. 

If flying in to meet your pup at the AL location the closest airports are Birmingham and Atlanta is about 2.5 hours away, depending on traffic. Please note that if flying home with your new dog you will need a Health Certificate, Vari-Kennel, tags with your name and phone number. We do not provide anything to do with transporting your new pup however, we will schedule an appointment for you to obtain the Health Certificate at your cost as well as provide addresses to where you may purchase the other needed items. 

Feeding: All dogs in our program are on an all raw natural diet. We will not recommend dog food as there is not a brand, no matter that cost, that is healthy for your dog. Commercial dog foods all go through the rendering process which is toxic to animals over prolonged exposure. Feeding your dog a commercial food is slowly killing your dog, contributing to health issues, and shortening the life of your dog. It is no better for you to make your dogs meals by cooking them as canines are not meant to eat cooked foods. 

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