FOR Strays


Our resident gargoyle as we refer to her, il mio bel miricolo, meaning, my beautiful miracle, aka Mio. Mio and her brother were dumped in a high kill shelter after their ears had been cropped and they became very sick from poor aftercare. Mio's brother was put to sleep prior to us being able to save him, however Mio made it out. Mio has ongoing medical issues stemming from poor breeding so she will live out her days playing with us here. .

Meet Ace, pick of the litter out of a so called high end, reputable breeder in 2008. He is our resident Dogo Argentino. Ace was thrown away in a high kill shelter by his owners simply for being old and sick. He came to live with us in 2014 and is now healthy and very happy. A perfect dog, zero issues, loving & loyal. Ace is our resident greeter. He meets all new dogs on intake to help determine the dog reactiveness. All in all, amazing dog and it breaks our hearts he was thrown away like trash. 

​We brought Presley up from Mexico in Dec 2014 after we were told about his horrid life. He was used as a bait dog, dragged behind a truck, stabbed, and had all but given up on life. He is permanently scared on the outside, yet you would never know as he holds no ill will towards man or other dogs. Presley is loving, loyal, and we are blessed to have him live out his days with us here as our resident Pit Bull. He is a true ambassador to his breed. 

At 10-weeks-old Kole had been so abused that his right leg was broken in three places, bruised lungs, broken ribs, and just shut down, scared to death. We were in the shelter for another dog when the New Hope Coordinator asked me to take a look in medical, she knew I would not leave this beaten and broken baby behind. Kole is a Von Willebrand's carrier with a score of seven, it makes him unable to have extensive surgery, therefore our vet did some old school manipulating where he reset it every two weeks until he healed. Now, Kole is a well rounded pack member that we are blessed to have grace our days. .

Glades, our resident Fila Brasilia that came to us via Mastiff Rescue of Florida as they are breed specific only to Mastiffs (for those that do not realize Mastiff only refers to the English Mastiff, not all Mastiff Breeds) Glades was found roaming the Everglades in south FL, hence his name, after a clearly horrible life. He came to us with broken bones, horribly underweight, yet still full of love to give. He now spends his days lounging in the sun and when to warm for his liking, he hogs the air vent in the living room. He is a dog full of personality and the perfect addition to our resident pack. 

​Caspious is our resident Bandog, Dogo Argentino/Pit Bull mix. We have given him sanctuary due to his unstable human aggression. He was dumped in the shelter after a life of neglect evident by his poor health and distrusting self. He now lives happily with us and will do so until he passes to heaven from old age. 

The pups on this page are with us until the pass on and go to Heaven. They either require more than average medical care on an ongoing basis, have extreme aggression issues which makes them unsafe to place back in the general public, or simply are un adoptable for various reasons. These dogs are in need of donations. Basic housing and care runs approximately $200 per month, in addition they require daily medication(s) for issues, Mio requires allergy shots due to having numerous allergies.  Thank you